Hundreds of workers and many mechanical equipment of Trung Nam Construction Investment Joint Stock Company (Trungnam Group) are ready day and night for construction site Nguyen Hieu Tu High School (Vinh Long province) to soon completed and handed over on the occasion of the 100th birthday of the late Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet.

Overview of the project Nguyen Hieu Tu High School is under construction.

Nguyen Hieu Tu High School is a social project implemented by Trungnam Group in Vinh Long, the hometown of the late Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet on the 100th anniversary of his birth (November 23, 1922). . This is a project that is particularly interested, supported and facilitated by the Vinh Long provincial government. Starting from July 11, 2022, up to now, Nguyen Hieu Tu High School has basically completed more than 65% of the workload.

On the afternoon of September 22, 2022, Trungnam Group held “The launching ceremony of the 50 day and night campaign to complete and hand over Nguyen Hieu Tu High School”. The launch of the campaign aims to call, motivate and encourage the spirit of all contractors, supervision consultants, project management consultants, engineers and workers to take advantage of their time and efforts to overcome all difficulties, high determination, promoting the sense of responsibility to complete and hand over the school on schedule.

Currently, Vinh Long province is preparing for a plan to celebrate the 100th birthday of the late Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet on a national scale. Trungnam Group's efforts to build and complete Nguyen Hieu Tu High School within the framework of the celebration is the deepest gratitude for the great achievements and dedication of the late Prime Minister to the Vietnamese revolutionary cause. Nam, contributing to make the celebration more meaningful. Not only that, the newly completed school will bring a high-quality educational environment to local teachers and students.

Representative of Trungnam Group Mr.: Nguyen Tam Tien spoke at the "Launching ceremony of the 50-day campaign to complete and hand over Nguyen Hieu Tu High School".

With the role and meaning of Nguyen Hieu Tu High School project in developing the quality of local education, Mr. Nguyen Tam Tien - General Director of Trungnam Group directly directed at the scene to promptly overcome difficulties. during the construction of the project, and at the same time encourage the construction force at the construction site. Although the project must be built day and night to keep up with the handover schedule, Trungnam Group and the contractors always make absolute requirements for ensuring the quality of the work and strictly implementing construction safety.

The image of eagerness and spirit of the workers who directly built the school.

With a total investment of 143 billion VND, fully funded by Trungnam Group, Nguyen Hieu Tu High School was built on an area of about 1.2 hectares, the construction scale includes: Welcome lobby block, Sign board block, Block block. learning, subject block, multi-purpose building block, mini football field, etc. create diverse learning, physical training and entertainment spaces for students. The building is designed in a modern, scientific manner, meeting national standards, meeting 1,200 students with 24 classrooms and 28 function rooms.

Up to now, Trungnam Group has invested in completing and putting into use many high-quality schools across the country, such as:Ky Son High School (Nghe An province), Dam Quang Trung Secondary School (Da Nang), Dang Chi Thanh Middle School - High School (Ninh Thuan province), Van Ly Secondary School (Ha Nam province),Chau Hoa Secondary School (Ben Tre province) and two schools under construction are Nguyen Hieu Tu High School (Vinh Long province) and Hoang Van Thu High School for the Gifted (Hoa Binh province). With a total funding for education of nearly 800 billion VND, meeting more than 10,000 students in many provinces and cities.

It is expected that Nguyen Hieu Tu High School will be handed over on November 23, 2022.

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