At the ceremony, the Quang Nam - Da Nang presented scholarships to 244 new students from challenging circumstances, each worth 7 million VND/student. Scholarship funding totals more than VND 1 billion. Trungnam Group contributed VND 650 million and mobilized sponsors from TNG's partner units.

The ceremony took place in a warm atmosphere. The stories recorded with short films about new students with difficult circumstances and the desire to overcome obstacles to attend school touched many people in attendance while also expressing admiration for the will and energy of hopeful to entering the school.

"After I heard that my father had a stroke, I was taken to the hospital by my uncle, and I was perplexed," Truong Thi Thu Suong, a freshman at the Danang University of Economics, explained. Now the family's breadwinner is like that. When my mother went to the hospital to care for my father and had an accident, I felt even more sad and desperate." Suong stated in her story that she always told herself to be resilient and that she went to work as a hired hand and gleaned to make a living.

Le Thi Thu Hien, a new student at the University of Danang's Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy.

Ms. Le Thi Thanh, the mother of a new student at the University of Danang's Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Le Thi Thu Hien, said that she had to collect beans in addition to collecting ticks and bottles to earn VND 15,000 - 20,000 per day. Your mother's meal consists entirely of vegetables picked from the garden. Despite how difficult it was, she always wanted her children to work hard in school.

"Without my mother, I will never be able to stand here. I don't have a father; my mother is everything to me", said Hien.

Understanding the two children's difficult situation, Mr. Nguyen Tam Tien decided to give each child VND 200 million for the entire study process, assisting them in focusing on their studies.

On this occasion, Trungnam Group will also sponsor additional scholarship funds for the 144 students. Moreover, 10 students will continue to have the opportunity to receive scholarships next year and fulfill the regulations to receive Trungnam Group scholarships in collaboration with the Quang Nam - Da Nang School to assist children on their educational path, motivating them.

Communication Department/TNG.