Trungnam Group, as one of the businesses, has always been a pioneer in preventing the Covid-19 epidemic. As a result, ready to invest the budget in fulfilling social responsibility and assisting the government in effectively implementing the "dual goal."

Ninh Thuan province recently applied Prime Minister Directive 16 to Phan Rang - Thap Cham city and Ninh Phuoc district and Prime Minister Directive 15 to the province's remaining localities.

To meet the community's needs for rapid screening tests, Ninh Thuan province requires a large number of Covid-19 test kits, so Trungnam Group purchased and shipped 15,000 test kits from Ho Chi Minh City to Ninh Thuan within two days. This gift exemplifies Trungnam Group's and Ninh Thuan Province's spirit of support and solidarity in testing to aid in the detection of early infections and suspected infections in the area.
Trungnam Group collaborates closely with local authorities on ongoing projects to ensure compliance with epidemic prevention regulations and the safety of all employees. Furthermore, Trungnam Group works to protect the environment and improve people's lives to achieve Ninh Thuan province's long-term development. Trungnam Group has invested over VND 95 billion in social activities, including education, health care, social security, and scientific research. Furthermore, for those in difficult circumstances, Trungnam Group joins the initiative with the desire to lead localities towards sustainable poverty eradication contributing to the improvement and improvement of people's quality of life.


During the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, Trungnam Group, in addition to actively contributing more than VND 23 billion to the Government's Vaccine Fund, provided provinces and cities with equipment and funding worth more than VND 15 billion. In Ninh Thuan province, Trungnam Group has donated VND 1 billion to Thuan Nam district in 2020 to support Van Lam village 3 in disease prevention and control and continue to support breathing machines, which the locality has received as a gift. To supplement medical equipment for Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control, hospitals and health centers will receive one 10-liter ventilator and nine 5-liter ventilators. During the 2021 epidemic, Trungnam Group donated equipment such as a PCR testing machine, centrifuge, and lithotripsy machine and contributed to an epidemic prevention fund worth more than VND 5.2 billion.


Trungnam Group is constantly innovating and building to provide a better life for local people and the entire country, both materially and spiritually, for the long-term development of society. Trungnam Group has promoted sustainable development goals, such as eradicating poverty, ensuring quality education, ensuring a healthy life, affordable clean energy, and encouraging economic sustainability growth...

Communication Department/TNG.