Ky Son High School, which began construction at the end of 2021, has reached the final stage when it has completed more than 90% of the construction volume to ensure it is operational for the school in 2022-2023. The school was constructed in the western mountains of Nghe An province to serve the children of ethnic groups living in the Ky Son district. The school was built with modern equipment to fuel the intellectual spirit of generations of students and provide them with the best learning conditions.

Because of its unique location and proximity to the Vietnam-Laos border, travel options are limited, so most students are boarding students. Ky Son High School will have over 1,600 students in the upcoming 2022-2023 school year, with nearly 1,200 boarding students.

The whole scene of Ky Son High School is gradually being completed.

The project was built on a 26,000m2 plot of land and featured more than 40 classrooms, 8 function rooms, 122 boarding rooms, 42 dorm rooms, and ancillary facilities such as a multi-purpose house. Currently, the infrastructure portion of the project is nearing completion and is in the final stages of installing equipment and other facilities.

On July 28, 2022, the investor and local leaders implemented the "30 Days and Nights Operation to Handover Ky Son High School" The implementation was started collaboratively by the school. Mr. Nguyen Tam Tien, General Director of Trungnam Group - the project sponsor, stated: "The first three months of construction of this school were limited. Due to the Covid epidemic, the remaining 07 months are incredibly urgent. Until today, we have exactly 1 month left, so we need to be more critical, working day and night to ensure project progress. The school opened for the new year, providing students with a stable and high-quality learning environment."

Mr. Nguyen Tam Tien - General Director of Trungnam Group, at the launching ceremony.

Operation 30 Days and Nights' demonstrates the high determination of all local leaders and especially all employees participating in construction to bring the school items to the destination on time. With the enthusiasm of those building a high-quality school to serve their children and open up a bright future for the next generations.

The spirit of determination of all employees directly participating in the Ky Son High School project construction.

3D perspective of Ky Son High School after completion.

Trungnam Group has always made great efforts and determination to have high-quality works, ensuring long-term value, with the spirit of implementing projects quickly - effectively, whether a business project or a social responsibility project. Trungnam Group has constructed 05 high-quality schools to date, including Dam Quang Trung Secondary School (Da Nang City), Dang Chi Thanh Middle School-High School (Ninh Thuan Province), and Van Ly Secondary School (Ha Nam Province), Chau Hoa Secondary School (Ben Tre Province), with a total education funding of more than VND 800 billion, serving 8,000 students across several provinces.

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