Tuoi Tre newspaper co-organized the event with the Quang Nam Provincial Youth Union, the Quang Nam - Da Nang Department of Education and Training, and the Quang Nam - Da Nang School. This is also the starting point for the 2019 School program. This year, the Quang Nam - Da Nang sponsored more than VND 1.5 billion in scholarships for 150 new students, each worth VND 10 million, with a special rate of VND 15 million. The club has provided more than 1,745 new students with more than VND 10 billion scholarships.

During the ceremony, delegates heard new students Ho Vu Nhu Vinh (Danang University of Science and Technology) and Ngo Thi Kim Thoa express their thoughts, aspirations, and gratitude (Da Nang University of Economics). When receiving a school relay scholarship, Ho Vu Nhu Vinh was born unlucky because both of his parents abandoned him at a young age. The young girl accepted her parents' orphan status and was raised by her elderly grandparents. The fact that Nhu Vinh graduated from university for a family of three was met with delight or concern about the cost of education. And Ngo Thi Kim Thoa is more fortunate when her parents are still present, but they have never seen the figure of their daughter. Kim Thoa was born healthy as if to burst from the joy of a young blind couple. Then, after 18 years of struggling to make ends meet, their daughter excelled in university. And the blind elderly couple continued to flee, vowing to give hope and light to their lives so that they could have a better future.

Although Trungnam Group only officially participated in 2017, the company has always been a leader in sponsorship activities and propaganda and mobilized sponsors and benefactors to work together. Assist disadvantaged students in receiving this critical scholarship. Trungnam Group has donated VND 800 million to the scholarship fund.

Mr. Nguyen Tam Tien, General Director of Trungnam Group, emphasized that awarding scholarships to help disadvantaged students continue to go to school to pursue their dreams is an efficient and meaningful activity. Trungnam Group will always strive to support the program, mainly the Quang Nam - Da Nang School, by donating and attracting additional funding from benefactors. On the club's 15th anniversary, Trungnam Group presented 15 awards (VND 10 million each) to students who received scholarships in previous years and demonstrated outstanding academic achievement. Participate in movement activities for the community at school and the neighborhood.

Trungnam Group would also like to express its heartfelt gratitude to the partners who have accompanied and sponsored the scholarship fund on this occasion. Tuoi Tre newspaper launched the program in 2003, empowering thousands of new students from challenging backgrounds to achieve their goals. The program has also invited many charities and sponsors from across the country to participate in Quang Nam-Da Nang and Quang Tri-Hue schools.

Communication Department/TNG.