On August 18, 2022, Trungnam Group donated VND 500 million for the program of Giving Books to primary schools’ libraries from 5 suburban districts in Ho Chi Minh City.

Ho Chi Minh city ‘s Department of Information and Communications and Vietnam Publishing Association receive funding for the program.

Reading is essential in the knowledge base and improving a country's education quality. According to the Publication Department (Ministry of Information and Communications), on average, Vietnamese reads 2.8 books and 7.07 newspapers a year, lower than other countries in the region and the world.

To enhance the quality of education, we are not only focused on improving the infrastructure but also accompanying local departments to improve the reading quality of future generations towards sustainable development.
Accordingly, the program donated 52,560 books to the libraries of 50 primary schools in 5 suburban districts and others. Forty-eight thousand two hundred fifty books will transfer to the 50 primary schools' libraries in September 2022, and 4,310 books to local libraries. 
The book is selected to follow the Ministry of Education and Training program and has a value of reference to improve knowledge for the mainstream curriculum, schools, teachers, librarians, students and parents.
Activities for improving the education quality of Trungnam Group are carried out across three regions, the orientation of "Sustainable Development", with the foundation of People – Planet – Profit.

Other scholarship and study encouragement programs improve the quality of educational infrastructure as a gift of Trung Nam, which make students focus on studying, contributing to the nation's shared prosperity.

2050, besides activities to improve the quality of education, Trungnam Group is in shape as an organization associated with no poverty; affordable and clean energy; climate action; industry, innovation and infrastructure.

Accompanying the Vietnamese Government in the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations is the orientation and responsibility of Trungnam Group! On September 3, We are going to inaugurate and hand over Ky Son boarding high school in Nghe An province, where there are many difficulties in the border area, but thousands of ethnic minority students and teachers still strive for education.

Communication Department/TNG.