Today is Solar and Wind Energy, Tomorrow is Green Hydrogen Energy


  • - TNG plans to develop some Green Energy Zones to produce Green Hydrogen and Green Ammonia in Viet Nam for domestic distribution and export.
  • - Wind energy and Solar energy are the main sources for Green Hydrogen and Green Ammonia production.
  • - Green Methanol, Methane and E-Fuels will be considered in the future when demand is increased. Green Power to be supplied to Industrial Park and National Grid.
  • - TNG is expected to produce 250.000 TPA Green Hydrogen by 2030, 2.5 Million TPA Green Hydrogen by 2050.

PROJECT IN R&D: Cana Green Hydrogen Complex

1st Phrase: COD from 2025-2030, Scale Estimated: 

  • - Energy Source:  3,150 MW (Include 1,000 MW Offshore Wind and 2,150 MW Solar)
  • - H2 Capacity: 304,380 TPA
  • - Commercial Output: 91,314 TPA
  • - NH3 Output: 1.2 MTPA
  • - O2 Output: 2.43 MTPA

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