An important project for a more beautiful Dak Lak.

Nhà máy điện gió Trungnam Dak Lak 1 has invested in the Ea Nam wind power facility. Wind Power is a crucial wind power project in Dak Lak province, with a dramatic project implementation progress, thoroughly grasping Prime Minister's Decision 39/2018/QD-TTg and Politburo Resolution 55-NQ/TW on the national energy development plan. When estimating power output, the project is expected to deploy quickly to achieve economic efficiency and deliver the value of clean green energy for local and regional consumption. The project produces around 1.1 billion kWh of electricity per year.
The project covers 6000 hectares of hilly terrain, mixed with specialized agricultural farming and people's residential regions in three communes: Ea Nam, Ea Khal, Dlie Yang, and Ea H' district. Dak Lak Province, Leo Trungnam Dak Lak 1 Wind Power is still implementing and completing the project; contractors and construction units have mobilized their entire force to quickly put the project into operation by November of this year.
The most pressing duty at the moment is the development of internal highways for super-long-term mechanics, as well as the installation of wind pillar foundations in areas. The completion of the tasks, as mentioned earlier, may impact people's activities and the living environment in the area. Trungnam Dak Lak 1 Wind Power, on the other hand, constantly strives to receive the attention and consensus of the local people for the common development goal of Ea H'Leo district in particular and Dak Lak province in general. 
With the help of the local government and most of the residents, the project finished the clearance and compensation work in April 2021 while also implementing the leveling and pedestal construction. 84 wind towers serve as the basis. At the building site, the essential wind power equipment, such as the body of the wind pole, has been gathered. Wind turbines and wind turbines (with 4.2 and 5.5 MW) have been brought by ship to Nam Van Phong and Ba Son ports.

Trung Nam Wind Power 1 created the rural road, which is spacious, clean, and beautiful

Trungnam Dak Lak 1 Wind Power always accompanies the locals.

As a result, Trungnam Dak Lak 1 Wind Power has fully complied with the local government's civic mobilization and site clearance operations in the past. Furthermore, Trungnam Dak Lak 1 Wind Power has allocated a total budget of more than VND 10 billion to provide additional support for directly impacted communities in the project region, such as noise effects, crop impacts, and people's activities. Trungnam Dak Lak 1 Wind Power has examined and continues to support this assistance for each associated home in turn.

The hall was built with the help of a representative from Trungnam Dak Lak 1 Wind Power.
Trungnam Dak Lak 1 Wind Power, as the project's investor, has had numerous meetings and written requests for fines, as well as contract termination, for subcontractors and suppliers who do not strictly comply with the regulations site guidelines. The investor also demands the contractors to reinforce methods to prevent adverse environmental consequences, such as regular watering the roads 2-5 times per day and adhering to the permitted speed and load. In addition, dust nets and barriers should be installed in high-risk regions. Trungnam Dak Lak 1 Wind Power works with authorities at all levels regularly to minimize the impact on people's everyday lives and provide a process to listen to and manage complaints from residents. Make people believe in the initiative and support it unanimously.

With immediate assistance, Trungnam Dak Lak 1 Wind Power has made an escrow promise to restore project-affected roads and strengthen the development and construction of social security projects in Ea H District. Typically, 11 houses of gratitude worth more than 550 million VND and cultural houses in three communes: Ea Nam, Ea Khal, and Dlie Yang, were included in the social security responsibility program conducted in 2021. More importantly, residents will immediately benefit from more than 54 kilometers of road along the project's course when the project is completed.
Dak Lak, in general, and the Ea H'Leo district in particular, have excellent prospects for becoming the Central Highlands region's clean energy and renewable energy hub. Dak Lak is "converting obstacles into advantages," transforming the sun and wind into an endless source of natural energy for socio-economic growth. As a result, boosting the energy industry's development is considered a critical pillar for Dak Lak to have the circumstances to increase its influence and involvement in regional connections, mainly through the national energy transmission system. We believe that Trungnam Group will play the role of mission to connect sustainability development.