To keep up with the project's progress, Trung Nam Dak Dak 1 Wind Power Joint Stock Company (TND1), a subsidiary of Trungnam Group, expedites implementing the Ea Nam Wind Power Plant Project Ea H'Leo District (Dak Lak Province). According to Decision 39/2018/QD-TTg, the onshore wind power must be commercially operational by November 1 to qualify for the favorable price of 8.5 US cents/kWh.

The largest wind power project

| The project includes 6,000 hectares of hills and mountains, including regions of specialized agriculture and people living in three communes: Ea Nam, Ea Khal, and Dlie Yang (Ea H'Leo district). Meanwhile, the project has only been added to the revised Power Plan VII by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and approved by the People's Committee of Dak Lak province in Decision No. 3282 dated December 31, 2020.
The pressure of getting to the finish line on time presents a significant challenge. Nonetheless, the group made efforts to overcome challenges and substantially implement the project following the spirit of Politburo's Decision 39/2018/QD-TTg and Resolution 55-NQ/TW on the development strategy's orientation of national energy. Ea Nam is a significant wind power project in Vietnam, with a total investment of VND 16,500 billion, a capacity of 400 MW, 84 wind towers, a system of 1.2 km of 500 kV lines, and an electricity network public transportation in Dak Lak Province.

The people and the government expect the project to be completed quickly, providing economic efficiency and significant significance in supplying and consuming green and clean energy for the community and the region. TND1's confirmed that the Ea Nam Wind Power Plant Project would play a key role in lowering air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions once operational. At the same time, hundreds of local individuals will be employed, considerably contributing to the province's socio-economic development in the following years.
Not only that but by the time Decision 39 expires at the end of this year, this will be Vietnam's largest wind power plant. Once finished, the project is estimated to add approximately 1,173 GWh to the national electricity source each year; investors pay corporate income tax of over 3,000 billion VND over the project implementation period and around 250 billion VND in VAT.

The Ea Nam Wind Power Plant Project (in Dak Lak) is not in a natural forest area. Hence it has no impact on national defense or security.

Minimize environmental impact

According to a Trungnam Group representative, even though the project is located in a fairly big area, with the cooperation of the local government and the people, the site clearance work will be completed mainly by April 2021. Trungnam Group is also constructing foundation foundations for 84 wind pillars in regions where site clearance has been completed. Currently, the body of the wind tower has been transferred to the building site's assembly yard, and some other significant equipment, like propellers and wind turbines with capacities of 4.2 and 5.5 MW, have been transported to Nam Van port. Phong, Ba Son port. These devices are being processed via customs and transported to the construction site as soon as possible.
According to the project investor, the development of internal highways for super-long motor vehicles and the installation of wind tower foundations in areas is being done urgently. However, due to the priority in advancement, it is difficult to prevent some problems harming people's lives and the environment during the implementation phase. "This is unavoidable, but in the spirit of assisting the people and local authorities, TND1 hopes to get the people's attention and consensus for the development aim of Ea H'Leo district in particular and the entire province of Dak Lak in general," the investor's representative stated.
Not to state that, during the active implementation of the project, TND1 ultimately complied with the local government's civil mobilization and site clearance operations. TND1 also gives more than 10 billion VND in assistance to directly impacted communities in the project region, including noise, crops, and daily life. Furthermore, as a project investor, TND1 has held numerous rectification meetings and issued written demands for fines and even contract termination for subcontractors and suppliers that do not rigorously comply with project site laws.
Simultaneously, the contractor is obliged to improve measures to reduce negative environmental impacts, such as continuously watering the roads 2-5 times per day, adhering to the permissible speed, load, and installing dust nets and barriers in hazardous places. "TND1 also works with authorities at all levels regularly to minimize the impact on people's lives and build a framework to listen to and manage complaints from local people, from which people trust and agree to support the project," a TND1 representative stated

TND1 also promises to repair traffic routes impacted by project implementation and strengthen the development and construction of social security projects in the Ea H'Leo district, in addition to providing emergency assistance. The company's social security duty program in 2021 includes the construction of 11 gratitude houses worth more than 550 million VND and cultural houses in three communes: Ea Nam, Ea Khal, and Dlie Yang. Meanwhile, the investor has completed 70 percent of the volume with 1.5 kilometers of concrete road in village 8 (Ea Khal commune) and will soon have an awarding ceremony. More importantly, residents will immediately benefit from more than 54 kilometers of road along the project's path when the project is completed.