Trung Nam Wind Power Plant is one of the interesting renewable energy projects of Trungnam Group located in Loi Hai and Bac Phong communes, Thuan Bac district, Binh Thuan province. The wind farm started in August 2016, with a total capacity of 151.95 MW, the exploitation time is 2,785 hours/year with expected output is 423 million kWh/year. 



Trung Nam wind power plant has 17 wind towers in phase 1, the capacity is 39.95 MW, exploiting output is 110 million kWh/year. The project will have 16 wind towers in phase 2 with a capacity of 64 MW and achieve an output of 179 million kWh/year and is expected to be completed in November 2021.


Trung Nam wind power plant uses a wind turbine technology gearless by ENERCON - the leading manufacturer of wind power equipment in Europe from Germany.