Trungnam Group held the 2022 opening ceremony on February 7, 2022, in the Binh Tien - Ninh Thuan resort to encourage all staff and partners' enthusiastic and creative working spirit. The ceremony took place in a spirit of joy and excitement as we welcomed the new year!

Ông Nguyễn Tâm Thịnh - Chủ tịch HĐQT Trungnam Group tặng quà cho các đối tác - Nhà thầu - CBNV nhân dịp Lễ ra quân.

On the occasion of the Opening Ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Tam Thinh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Trungnam Group, presented gifts to partners, contractors, and employees. Hundreds of employees partnered throughout the Lunar New Year to ensure the progress of projects in Ninh Thuan province, including the Binh Tien tourist area project and the Ca Na international seaport. Leaders of Ninh Thuan province commended Trungnam Group for practical contributions to the overall development of the economy and assistance in the field of social security. For instance, Trungnam Group has contributed more than VND 100 billion to social activities, programs with good and long-term impact on the community, and health and education programs during the business investment process in the province.

Trung Nam has spent more than 31 billion VND on social security activities in 2021, assisting locals in preventing the Covid-19 epidemic. At the opening ceremony, all contractors, officials, and workers of Trungnam Group and partner units working on the construction site are incredibly honored to receive the attention, encouragement, and New Year wishes from the province's leaders. This is also a great source of motivation for the entire team to firmly and confidently perform well in projects.

Lễ ra quân các dự án của Trungnam Group tại KDL Bình Tiên - Ninh Thuận.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic in 2021, Trungnam Group's total output value reached VND 67 trillion, a nearly 40% increase over 2020. In addition, the Trungnam Group completed three sizeable renewable energy projects (Renewable energy) in Dak Lak, Tra Vinh, and Ninh Thuan. Trung Nam has three projects under construction in Ninh Thuan, including Wind Power Plant No. 5 (completed and put into commercial operation) and two infrastructure projects, Binh Tien Resort and Ca Na ComplexSeaport, which are still in the process of construction and will be completed on time. Once completed and operational, these two projects will significantly contribute to the local and surrounding areas' economic development - tourism. Trungnam Group's total investment capital in Ninh Thuan has reached USD 2 billion. With investment, infrastructure construction, tourism, and local services as top priorities over the next five years, this figure could reach $4 billion.

Lễ ra quân các dự án của Trungnam Group tại KDL Bình Tiên - Ninh Thuận.

Trungnam Group set out a decisive goal and commitment about its future direction in the exciting opening ceremony atmosphere. Nguyen Tam Thinh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Trungnam Group, stated, "With the Binh Tien resort project, the development investment of this place is not only for the project but also for the development of infrastructure and tourism." The completed and put into use works will have the quality and standards commensurate with the project's unique position and geographical location." Furthermore, the Ca Na Complex Seaport - Ninh Thuan's first deep-water port project and essential for the critical development of the southern provinces - will become a world-class seaport in the future, bringing Ninh Thuan has not only become a major logistics center in the South Central Coast - Central Highlands but also connected with the trade route across the Pacific Ocean connecting with the world's bustling economic centers.

Trungnam Group has identified this as a critical strategic project for the next 5-10 years and has focused its investment on this crucial area. Furthermore, Trungnam Group will continue to accompany Ninh Thuan province based on strategic cooperation in other projects being prepared for investment in LNG, infrastructure construction, highways, and offshore wind power. in keeping with the spirit that Ninh Thuan province and Trungnam Group have pursued and achieved in recent years

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