The renewable energy complex includes 900ha of wind and solar power farms, with an annual output of nearly 1 billion kWh. Trung Nam Group has invested in the project, which is located in Ninh Thuan province.
The inauguration of the wind power plant in Thuan Bac district was held on April 16 by Trung Nam Group and other ministries and agencies, as well as Ninh Thuan provincial leaders. The completion of the wind power project, in conjunction with the previously solar power project, contributes to this complex having a total capacity of more than 350 MWp.
The project establishes Ninh Thuan province as the country's renewable energy hub, and it will be the largest renewable energy complex in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.
According to statistics, Ninh Thuan is a province with wind potential, with 14 regions totaling approximately 8,000 hectares, primarily concentrated in three districts: Ninh Phuoc, Thuan Nam, and Thuan Bac. Ninh Thuan, in particular, has few storms and consistent wind volume for ten months of the year, ensuring consistent wind turbine power generation.

Furthermore, Ninh Thuan has favorable conditions for receiving a high amount of solar radiation, with an average total of 2837.8 hours per year, the highest in the country. The difference in solar radiation between seasons of the year is not high, which is also a good thing for the efficient use of solar energy.
According to the investor's assessment; investors must spend a lot of time and effort, use a large workforce, and apply many modern technologies in the world.
At the same time, the wind power projects in development are all located in areas with complex climatic conditions and terrain, necessitating a large amount of manpower as well as a lengthy construction period, making it more difficult to ensure completion on time.

The wind farm project has a total capacity of 48 MWp and an output of 134 million kWh. There are also transformer stations linked to the 220kV Thap Cham substation to connect to the national grid.
In terms of scale, the total project area of the renewable energy farm complex is 900ha, with a total investment of 4,000 billion VND for the wind power farm and 6,000 billion VND for the solar farm. 705,000 solar cells will be installed on a copper scale.
The total annual output of the renewable energy farm complex is 950 million kWh - 1 billion kWh of electricity.