Trungnam Group's Ca Na seaport complex phase 1 has a total planning area of 85.52 hectares, including two ports to receive general cargo, container cargo, and bulk cargo with a tonnage of up to 100,000 DWT, and will be operational in the first quarter of this year. After completion, the port will have 17 piers. It will be a deep-water port with very favorable terrain throughout the country, aiming to be a transshipment point for the entire South Central Coast region, Central Highlands, relieving pressure on seaports in the Southeast region and Ho Chi Minh City.

Ca Na Seaport Complex marks the start of a new chapter of growth with Ninh Thuan.

On February 9, Nguyen Duc Thanh, Secretary of the Ninh Thuan Provincial Party Committee, and Tran Quoc Nam, Chairman of the Ninh Thuan Provincial People's Committee, visited and worked at the Ca Na Seaport Complex Phase 1 in Ninh Thuan province, which Trungnam Group invested. Ca Na Seaport Complex phase 1 has a cargo throughput capacity of approximately 3.7 million tons per year. The overall investment in the project is 6,500 billion VND, which includes all planning elements like as wharves, rafts, yards, warehouses, auxiliary works, services, technical infrastructure centers, traffic, and trees.

A representative of Trungnam Group told Ninh Thuan province authorities that phase 1 of the projects began on August 25, 2020, and was divided into three phases.

After roughly a year and a half of development, the investor has completed Port 1A and essentially constructed the leveling of cargo yards and associated areas for port operation and exploitation. The investor is rushing to complete the last legal procedures to bring it into the process by the beginning of the second quarter of this year. The investor is also building bored piles and leveling the cargo yard for Port 1B, which is projected to be completed and operational in 2023, one year ahead of schedule. The investor is also undertaking synchronous construction of functional dwellings and traffic works for the auxiliary area of phase 1 to begin in the third quarter of this year.

Trungnam Group believes that in 2021, after overcoming difficulties and hurdles during the construction phase due to the complicated evolution of the pandemic, Trungnam Group has mastered the progress and ensured the project's progress. Mr. Nguyen Tam Thinh, Chairman of the Board of Trungnam Group, also spoke at the meeting regarding the company's business plan and port operations in 2022. Specifically, from the end of the year, based on the region's market condition and specific peculiarities. The investor has established a seaport business plan for 2021, focused on construction material sources and particular local products, with a total estimated output of 1.332 million tons/year.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Thanh, Secretary of the Ninh Thuan Provincial Party Committee, expressed his delight during his visit, watching the project's rapid construction progress making development steps for the region. This will develop several critical domains such as industry, maritime economy, energy, logistics, and new initiatives. According to Mr. Thanh, Ninh Thuan considers this one of the essential key elements in its development strategy and a short and long-term breakthrough. We express our gratitude to the leaders, authorities, and workers who have worked day and night continuously, even during Tet, working very hard and with quality, making a significant contribution to the atmosphere." "A new year for the province at the start of the new year, allowing the development of a new time for Ninh Thuan," said Mr. Thanh.

Investors want problems to be resolved fast.

The completion of Phase 1 of the project in 2022, according to Trungnam Group, is an essential basis for the future creation of a logistics - industry - mineral - energy urban region on a scale of up to tens of billions of USD. To achieve the project's objectives, the investor has recommended and encouraged provincial officials to consider resolving various issues and problems that may arise during the implementation phase. According to the investor, the most significant challenge the project is now facing is a lack of supplies for leveling and construction. The source of leveling materials is currently in short supply. The need for leveling sand for Ca Na Seaport in phase 1 is roughly 1.5 million m3 and nearly 10 million m3 of stone for leveling and building of all kinds in short supply. As a result, Trungnam Group requested that Ninh Thuan assist investors in removing obstacles and expediting legal procedures on planning and construction materials.

It is proposed that the Provincial People's Committee quickly agree on policy and support to speed up the legal procedures for mining  Giang quarry. The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development support to speed up the legal guidelines for the appraisal of documents for the port dredging project adjustment. The Management Board of Port will assist in expediting legal procedures for dredging Ca Ninh port, following Provincial People's Committee directives, reviewing and revising dredge design documents, and managing implementation. Currently, in socialization, the project of dredging Ninh Chu Port in Ninh Hai district and dredging Dong Hai port, Phan Rang - Thap Cham city has been presented to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development for evaluation.

At the same time, Trungnam Group suggested that the Provincial People's Committee consider allowing the conversion of land use purposes to include Chao hill in the construction material mine planning. The PMU of Industrial Parks considers speeding up legal documents, site clearance, and leveling construction phase 1 of Ca Na Industrial Park to take advantage of the excess volume of soil and rock for leveling. Furthermore, Trungnam Group recommended that the Ninh Thuan Department of Construction quickly agree on the general planning of the drainage system for the entire Ca Na complex so that the Investor has a foundation to design the drainage system for each project. The Department of Natural Resources and Environment quickly signed a contract with the Land Price Calculation Consultant to promptly have the foundation sign the project's land lease contract.

On this occasion, Trungnam Group also requested that the Provincial People's Committee accept this company's participation in Ca Na Seaport's bidding phase 2 to create a port capable of receiving ships with cargoes of up to 300,000 DWT. According to the approved zoning plan, Ca Na Seaport now has a unique place on the map of Vietnam's seaports and Southeast Asia.

Secretary Nguyen Duc Thanh: Ca Na port is a breakthrough of Ninh Thuan province
Regarding the investor's proposals, Mr. Thanh acknowledged Trung Nam's demands and ideas and assigned the People's Committee of Ninh Thuan province to continue with the spirit of having accompanied well previously, but now must be more substantial. Concerning project building issues, Mr. Thanh stated that the area intends to complete it as soon as possible, and Trung Nam has also committed, so there is no need to be late. As a result, the Secretary of the Ninh Thuan Provincial Party Committee requested that the two parties develop a better plan and operating procedure so that Trung Nam and its departments can rapidly remove it and submit it to all levels. At the same time, Mr. Thanh stated that this is a crucial project for Ninh Thuan province. Thus Mr. Thanh vowed to Trung Nam and Ninh Thuan's Party Committee, people, and superiors to make Ca Na Port a significant breakthrough operational soon.

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