Because of the ongoing effects of the pandemic, 2021 will be a challenging year for businesses; most fields will be severely impacted and will need to make every effort to meet their targets. 2021 marks an important deadline for renewable energy, with the end of the FIT price incentive for wind power projects on October 31, 2021. This is a significant milestone that businesses will never forget. The company must complete its project. In the face of mounting difficulties, Trungnam Group has concentrated on existing projects, making every effort to ensure the project's economic, technical, and financial indicators, bringing the projects to completion on time. Trungnam Group will have completed four energy projects by 2021.

Trung Nam Thuan Bac Wind Power Plant - Ninh Thuan.

The wind power plant has 48 MW and an annual output of 134 million kWh. The transformer stations are connected to the Thap Cham 220kV station to connect to the national grid. In terms of scale, the total area of the renewable energy farm complex project area is 900 hectares, with a total investment of VND 4,000 billion for the wind power farm and VND 6,000 billion for the solar power farm. With a scale of installing 705,000 solar cells previously put into operation. The total annual exploitation output of the Wind-Solar farm complex ranges from 950 million kWh to 1 billion kWh. The project, which is regarded as Southeast Asia's largest renewable energy complex, is set to operate in April 2021.

Wind Power Plant in Ea Nam Dak Lak.

With a design capacity of 400MW and a scale of 84 wind towers, this is currently Vietnam's largest wind power plant, connecting a system of 1.2km of 500kV transmission lines. The project's total construction area is 6,000 hectares, which is located in the hills and mountains of three communes: Ea Nam, Ea Khal, Dlie Yang, and Ea H'Leo district, Dak Lak province. The Ea Nam Wind Power Plant contributes 1.1 billion kWh of clean energy to the national electricity supply each year, which is a significant contribution toward the government's goal of reducing carbon emissions. Vietnam's commitment to COP26 in 2021 is zero carbon by 2050.

Dong Hai Wind Power Plant 1 Tra Vinh.

Dong Hai 1 wind power project is the largest offshore wind power project in Vietnam today and Trungnam Group's first offshore project, with a total investment of nearly 5,000 billion VND, and located at Sea V1-7 Dong Hai commune, Duyen Hai district, Tra Vinh province. With a total capacity of 100 MW and a scale of 25 wind towers, the project has 100 MW. Dong Hai 1 wind power plant will contribute approximately 330 million kWh of green energy to the national power supply each year, assisting in the diversification of generation sources and increasing the share of renewable energy sources. Project completion on time and quality assurance is also the most visible commitment to Trungnam Group's team of experts and engineers' ability to execute large-scale offshore wind power projects in the future.

Wind Power Plant No. 5 - Ninh Thuan.

The total investment in Wind Power Project No. 5 is VND 1,633 billion, with a total capacity of 46.2 MW, a scale of 11 pillars, and an expected exploitation output of 136,281 MWh/year. The commissioning of the 5 Ninh Thuan wind power plant is a significant milestone in Trung Nam's campaign to complete 200 MW of wind power and 650 MW of solar power with a total capacity of 853.15 MW Ninh Thuan. It will contribute to Ninh Thuan's goal of becoming the country's Renewable Energy Center, as stated in Prime Minister's Resolution 115 (August 31, 2018). Trungnam Group demonstrates its ability to implement projects by completing large-scale projects on time. Since then, it has been a true testament to Trungnam Group's ability to overcome difficulties and challenges.

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