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Resolution of Ninh Thuan province's 14th Party Congress, term 2020-2025, declaring the objective of becoming a well-developed province in the area and the country as one of the centers of renewable energy, clean energy by 2025. To that end, the Ninh Thuan Provincial Party Committee and People's Committee directed departments to collaborate with central ministries to advise on developing a master plan for energy development by 2030. With a target capacity of 21,450 MW, including 8,648 MW of solar power, 5,240 MW of wind power, 1,200 MW of Bac Ai storage hydroelectricity, 6,000 MW of Ca Na LNG gas power, and 362 MW of small and medium hydroelectricity.


The people's approval

Ninh Thuan has risen from a rural area with few economic development opportunities to become Vietnam's energy center. Clean energy projects have not only provided significant cash to the government, but they have also provided real advantages to the local community. Phuoc Minh commune, Thuan Nam district (Ninh Thuan), is one of the driest areas in Ninh Thuan. People here primarily make a living by farming and rearing cattle. However, the entire agricultural land area is dependent on sky water, producing only one crop each year, making life incredibly difficult.
People's lives on this same property are now changing daily due to benefits from solar power (DMT) and wind power (EIA) farms. Locals are recruited to work at solar farms, where they are paid a stable salary of 7-8 million VND each laborer every month.
Mr. Huynh Van Tien (in Phuoc Minh Commune, Thuan Nam District) noted that this region was frequently deserted in the past due to the incapacity to source water and rely on the weather proactively. People's lives are incredibly challenging since production is inefficient. "Since the State licensed enterprises to invest in GE and Solar farms, not only people with land areas located in the project area receive adequate compensation and support, but it also creates jobs with high income and stable life," said Mr. Tien. Furthermore, adding that local people are pleased when the "specialty" of the sun and wind, which used to be the cause of Ninh Thuan's poverty, is now an advantage for development

As a locality with many investors implementing clean energy projects, Mr. Pham Trong Hung, Chairman of Thuan Bac People's Committee, stated ten clean energy projects are being implemented in the area. Three have been completed and put into commercial operation (Solar and EIA of Trung Nam Group, Dam Nai Wind Power Project, and Xuan Thien Solar Project). According to Mr. Hung, the locality has carried out propaganda work since the first days of project implementation, following the direction of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People's Committee, so that people in the project area understand the purpose and importance of the project. In the development of renewable energy sources for the country, at the same time, advertising plans for each household on land recovery, compensation, support, employment creation, and so on. As a result, there is always a familiar voice in site clearance between people and local authorities, establishing ideal conditions for investors to complete the project on time.

According to Mr. Tran Duc Xuyen, Deputy General Director of Trungnam Group, Trungnam Group has conducted numerous significant clean energy projects in Ninh Thuan. So far, with the consensus of the people and local authorities, the projects that Trungnam Group has implemented have been straightforward, on time, and placed into commercial operation, contributing to the country's power shortfall.