The shipment of tablets under the program "Waves and computers for children" launched by the Ministry of Information and Communications was shipped today by Trungnam EMS (February 7). This is an important milestone in the production roadmap of technological products bearing the mark of "Made in Vietnam".

In the atmosphere of the early days of the Tiger Spring 2022, Da Nang Information Technology Park Development Joint Stock Company (Danang IT Park, belonging to Trungnam Group) held the opening ceremony at the beginning of the year with the determination to focus resources, commit quality and early progress of project completion. When completed, Danang IT Park will create a driving force for investment attraction and economic development, contributing to making Da Nang one of the major socio-economic centers of Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

A representative of Trungnam Group said that in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic causing a heavy impact, Trungnam Group has received the support of the Da Nang government in removing difficulties in procedures, licensing as well as creating favorable conditions for the Group's projects. In particular, Da Nang's concentrated information technology park has also achieved many achievements.

Right in the early days of 2022, 5 large-scale factories of Da Nang concentrated information technology park come into operation. In addition, 4 model villas in the specialist area have been completed and the remaining 60 villas will also be completed later according to 5-star standards. Ecological park, sports park, Club House, central park… are also in the finishing stage.

Trungnam EMS will put into operation 2 factories in subdivision A2, creating jobs for 1,000 -2,000 employees. With the remaining 3 factories, Trungnam Group continues to promote and call for investment in the fields of electronics and telecommunications. Thus, with the construction progress and investment interest of international partners, especially the cooperation to build the Data Center with Singapore partners, the project is an important piece in completing the ecosystem. Da Nang concentrated information technology park. Trungnam Group expects, when completed, this will be a complete large-scale centralized information technology park in Vietnam.

Also in the first days of the New Year of the Tiger 2022, Trungnam EMS shipped a shipment of tablets under the program "Waves and computers for children" launched by the Ministry of Information and Communications. This is an important milestone in the process of manufacturing technological products bearing the "Made in Vietnam" mark, implemented by Trungnam EMS in cooperation with Xelex Technology Joint Stock Company (a member of Worldsoft Corporation). In the coming time, Trungnam EMS will participate more deeply in product research and development (R&D) - a segment that brings high added value but requires strict requirements in terms of qualifications as well as financial potential of the owner. invest.

The Group's representative affirmed: Participating in product research and development is the segment that shows the capacity and difference of the business, is the driving force to build high-quality, functional human resources, large amount of gray matter, towards sustainable development in the information technology industry.

Communication Department/TNG.