Trungnam Group, a significant enterprise in renewable energy in Vietnam, has consistently outperformed itself with large-scale projects of national and regional significance. Trungnam Group, with 17 years of experience in establishment and development, has demonstrated the strength of a solid team, overcoming all problems and hurdles to go up, creating excellent works related to development goals to become the renewable energy sources in Vietnam's most challenging regions.

Always a Pioneer

Wind and solar power farms, a 220/500kV transformer station and transmission line project, and the 450MW Trung Nam Thuan Nam solar power plant in Ninh Thuan province are among the national-scale projects, according to Trungnam Group. It is also a project to make Trungnam Group a forerunner in private investment in the national power transmission infrastructure. This is a massive breakthrough in the country's development, allowing for the simultaneous deployment of renewable energy projects in the following years to connect 10GW to the national power grid by 2027 through thousands of projects in Dak Lak, Gia Lai, and Tra Vinh provinces, as well as other projects in Ninh Thuan province.

Maintain the composure in all circumstances

2021 is a particularly challenging year for enterprises, with all activity being disrupted or halted. Energy, infrastructure building, real estate, and other business sectors have all been severely impacted. However with the daring of a company with a lot of market experience, Trungnam Group has expertly steered to sustain the progress of the works and projects being built in the provinces and cities. Moreover, protecting the people's lives include thousands of officials and staff who suffered through difficult times alongside one another.
Trungnam Group, as a leading organization in the field of renewable energy, is continually gaining access to the most cutting-edge technologies, the world's leading suppliers, and, most importantly, the most dependable partners. As a result, the total strength to construct magnificent works of regional and international standards is created. Simultaneously, meeting the criteria of the Party and State in the goal of developing a renewable energy source according to Politburo Resolution 55-NQ/TW in 2020, orienting Vietnam's national energy development strategy to 2030, with a view to 2045; contributing to national energy security.

The Ea Nam Wind Power Project's Grand Construction Site
The Ea Nam Wind Power Project's Grand Construction Site in Dak Lak Trungnam Group continues the building process of essential projects in 2021, particularly in 2021, by continuing the chain of renewable energy projects that have been invested in and completed. Wind Power Project Ea Nam Dak Lak - a fantastic project being formed - is currently the largest wind power project in Vietnam. This is a 6,000-hectare project on mountainous terrain in three communes: Ea Nam, Ea Khal, and Dlie Yang, as well as in the Ea H'Leo district of Dak Lak province. The project's design capacity is 400MW, with 84 wind turbines connecting 1.2km of 500kV transmission lines.
This is also a significant project for Dak Lak province and the Central Highlands region. The project's entire construction period will be completed in 2021. And, to be able to construct during the difficult time of the pandemic, Trungnam Group has prepared by arranging the personnel, resources and working with contractors to be able to transport materials and equipment to Vietnam and move to the construction site in time to meet the requirements on the regular schedule. Most of the project's equipment is imported from renowned energy sector suppliers in Europe, such as Enercon and Siemens, with whom Trungnam Group has previously collaborated.

Dong Hai 1- Tra Vinh wind power project.

The construction activities in Dak Lak, Gia Lai, Tra Vinh, and Ninh Thuan are generally in critical positions, with construction areas ranging from hundreds to thousands of hectares, making the construction job difficult. This is no minor feat for a company that constantly transfers oversized and overweight equipment; each move necessitates meticulous planning.

Set your target and keep trying until you reach it

In the sphere of infrastructure construction, Trungnam Group opened phase 1 of the Ca Na General Seaport Project in Ninh Thuan last August, connecting the two ends of the East and West coasts. After it is operational, the port will receive ships with tonnages ranging from 70,000 to 100,000 DWT for general cargo and container freight. This is regarded as a critical turning point in ensuring that the port is operational by the end of 2021.
Following that, Trungnam Group successfully operated Wind Power Plant No. 5 in Ninh Thuan with a capacity of 46.2MW and a scale of 11 wind towers at the end of September. The two initiatives represent Trungnam Group's ongoing efforts to combat the disease while also assuring efficient manufacturing. The Ea Nam wind power project has started functioning the first wind towers at the big construction site of Dak Lak these days, indicating a commercial operation day is quite approaching.