A contract signing ceremony took place recently at the Ba Son Corporation office between Ba Son Corporation and Trung Nam Southern Mechanical Joint Stock Company (referred to as Trungnam SMC, a subsidiary of Trung Nam Group).

The signing marks the beginning of a new chapter in the collaboration between Trung Nam SMC and Bason Corporation. The two parties have agreed on the terms of close cooperation, prioritizing the use of each other's services. In the future, Ba Son company will assist Trungnam SMC company with issues related to transporting goods to Ba Son port. Trungnam SMC will provide Bason with specialized cranes and transport equipment.

Bason Corporation and Trungnam SMC representatives attended the signing ceremony.

When Trung Nam's wind power projects are completed, the goods and turbine components will be prioritized for import at Bason Port. Through the long-term collaboration of Ba Son Corporation and Trungnam Group, Trungnam SMC, the parties will continue to accompany and support each other to propel the cooperation relationship to new heights.

Trungnam SMC is a Trung Nam Group (Trungnam Group) member company that serves as the EPC general contractor for the Group's projects and some external projects. Trungnam SMC currently manages and exploits 400 pieces of equipment, including cranes ranging from 25 to 1250 tons, barges weighing up to 14,000 tons, super-heavy transport equipment, SPMT loadout equipment, forklifts, and other machinery. Trungnam SMC is committed to providing customers with safe transportation solutions, with the ability to transport super-heavy goods and outstanding wind power construction!

Communication Department/TNG.