Trungnam Group wind power project


The Ea Nam wind power plant project (Dak Lak), with a capacity of 400 MW and the 500 kV-450 MVA substation connected to the 500 kV Pleiku - Di Linh line, is bustling with cars coming and going these days. Day and night, equipment is brought to the base of each wind column. Since March, Mr. Duong Quang Hieu (born in 1970, Hai Lang district, Quang Tri) has not been home.
His work as a warehouse keeper is almost irreplaceable. "I've been working on this project since it began." I've been working on the project since the Lunar New Year of 2021 and will continue to Tet. I just visited home once until March 2021 and have remained in the project until today. I haven't been back to my hometown in over 5 months because the entire project has only one storekeeper.If I want to go back to my hometown, I only dare to take a two-day leave and then return," Hieu explained.
Mr. Hieu stated that while standing at the project during the busy days of construction progress and facing the risk of sickness, he and all engineers and workers at the construction site complied with the project. "I merely travel from Trungnam's warehouse to my room and vice versa, I don't congregate in crowded places, and I always wear a mask and wash my hands frequently," Mr. Hieu explained.

Mr. Bui Nhu Tai (1991, Hai Lang district, Quang Tri) was a worker pouring concrete at the Ea Nam wind power plant from the beginning, just like Mr. Hieu. The disease made it impossible for him to see his family in his hometown, but Mr. Tai urged that he follow the "whoever stays in the same spot" guideline to stop the epidemic rapidly.

“"In addition, the corporation has registered to vaccinate its employees." We must wear medical masks and disinfect our hands when we go to work. Limit the number of individuals in the workplace to no more than 10 and go out. "If there is an emergency, we have to report it to the leader, and if the leader agrees, then we can go," Mr. Tai said of the project's epidemic prevention procedures.

Not just Mr. Hieu and Mr. Tai, but all workers and engineers at the Ea Nam wind power plant must follow strict epidemic prevention procedures; if anyone walks out willingly, they will be warned, as well as withheld from salary.
Currently, about 1,000 authorities and personnel are working on the Ea Nam wind power plant. The construction area is around 200 hectares, spread across 6,000 hectares, so there is no concentration of a significant number of people in one location.
"Trungnam Group disseminates state regulations on COVID-19 prevention to all employees as well as companies, partners, construction contractors, and supervisory consultants," stated Mr. Duy Hung, Deputy Director of the Ea Nam Wind Power Plant Construction Project. Additional restrictions for the project include: split shifts, ensuring distance when working on the construction site, and so on. We also have procedures in place to encourage and encourage brothers so that they can work with peace of mind, limiting their permission to prevent the spread of the disease. Furthermore, the Group collects a list of construction site employees so that if there is a mass vaccination campaign, they can register to vaccine everyone."

Trungnam Group is implementing COVID-19 prevention and control measures such as daily body temperature measurement for staff and employees; distribution of masks and gel hand sanitizer; disinfection spraying of the entire project operating area; and face-to-face meetings with no more than 15 people seated far apart following regulations. In particular, the Group prepares diluted saltwater with ginger for officers and employees to gargle twice a day, and all officers and employees are subjected to routine COVID-19 testing.
"We recognize that only by assuring the safety of disease prevention and control will the project be able to meet its aim of timely commercial operation (COD) recognition before November 2021." This is a critical factor in the project's success or failure. When completed, the project will add approximately 1,173.6 GWh to the national power supply per year. During the project implementation period, the investor is expected to pay corporate income tax of over 3,000 billion VND to the local budget revenue and value-added tax of approximately 250 billion VND every year.