Trungnam Tra Vinh 1 Wind Power Joint Stock Company (Trungnam TraVinh1 WP) - a member of Trungnam Group - has completed the Dong Hai 1 Wind Power Project's final wind tower installation Tra Vinh, on October 17, 2021. (Also known as: Tra Vinh wind power V1-7). Trungnam Tra Vinh 1 WP launched the Dong Hai 1 wind power project in September 2021 to install 25/25 wind towers. The installation of the final wind tower is made to recognize the efforts of the engineering team to complete the project over the past 10 months. The project demonstrates Trungnam Group's ability to overcome time and unfavorable natural elements in the Southwest region while successfully constructing the first offshore wind generation project. The Dong Hai 1 wind power project, located at sea V1-7, Dong Hai commune, Duyen Hai district, Tra Vinh province, with a total investment of almost 5,000 billion VND. The project has a total capacity of 100 MW, is built on a scale of 25 wind towers, and each wind tower has a capacity of 04 MW. The successful operation of the Dong Hai 1 wind power project will add approximately 330 million kWh of green energy annually and connect to the national grid, help diversify sources, and gradually approach the ability to balance sources with fossil energy, especially in the context of international orientation toward a "zero-carbon" future. The project began at the end of the fourth quarter of 2020. After more than ten months of implementation, Trungnam TraVinh1 WP delivered over 70,000 tons of equipment and materials across a distance of more than 12,000 kilometers to gather at the project. Throughout the construction process, 1,100 engineers and laborers immediately constructed 14 km of working bridges in the middle of the sea, utilizing more than 18,000 tons of steel and pushing 115,000m of steel piles straight into the seabed to lay the foundation for the wind towers. The installation of the wind pole also necessitates using a crane motor vehicle with a height of 130 m and a lifting force of more than 1,200 tons to complete the assembly of 75 wind vanes into wind poles at the height of 105 m. However, standardization was hampered when the Covid-19 epidemic erupted for the fourth time in August 2021. The semidiurnal tide regime has a significant influence on the East Sea and Tra Vinh. Thus the average elevation between high and low tide can be more than 3.0 m. Since then, the building of the pillar foundation and the installation of the wind vane - both of which require precision - can be easily disrupted if clear planning stages on the design and adequate construction procedures are lacking. In addition to tides, regional climatic and hydrological constraints directly impact project progress, mainly when frequent high winds and high waves characterize the area.
Trungnam Group's first offshore wind power project, the Dong Hai wind power project, is experiencing nature's challenges. Trungnam Tra Vinh 1 WP's engineers and laborers carefully researched and analyzed the best time to service the building job. Aside from optimizing execution time, the team of engineers plans the construction steps in detail and proposes scenarios of specific specialized treatment options to limit the dangers that may occur during the process construction because construction activities at sea must comply with the natural conditions of Wind and Waves for labor safety. Du an dien gio dong hai 1