The commercial operation of Wind Power Project No. 5 validates Trungnam Group's project implementation capacity in the current challenging context of the Covid-19 epidemic raging across the country, as well as the expertise of Trungnam Group's team of engineers and experts in the group's sustainable energy development orientation.

Wind power project No. 5 has an investment of VND 1,633 billion. A total capacity of 46.2MW, a scale of 11 towers, and an expected exploitation output of 136,281MWh/year that is directly connected to the national grid system with a voltage of 220kV through a 220kV transmission line connecting the no. 5 Ninh Thuan Power Plant's 220kV substation to the 220kV Ninh Phuoc substation.

The project's turbines, supplied by Enercon Company (Federal Republic of Germany), in particular, use gearless technology and can run at low wind speeds of 2-2.5m/s.
This is a land-based turbine with a capacity of 4.2MW that is both enormous and modern at the time of operation. The choice of this modern equipment reduces the norms of the land-occupied area to only 0.14ha/MW (compared to the prescribed land use rate of no more than 0.35ha/MW), providing a substantial contribution to land use national resources in an efficient manner.

Wind power project No. 5 - Ninh Thuan includes a substation with one transformer with a capacity of 50MVA designed and produced by SIEMENS, Germany's premier electrical equipment business. The most important item in the project, a 50MVA capacity transformer, serves as the "heart" of renewable energy power projects by increasing and reducing voltage to assure electricity demand.

The procedure and process of constructing wind power projects are challenging due to the high investment prices, the difficulty of equipment installation, equipment supply, and the lengthy and challenging transportation time—often in the context of the Covid-19 outbreak sweeping the country.

Trungnam Group, a significant energy business in renewable energy, overcame difficulties and finished the commercial operation of wind power project No. 5 ahead of schedule. Notably, October 31, 2021, secures the project's economic, technical, and financial indicators, contributing to Trungnam Group's and Vietnam's long-term development. Trungnam Group is actively implementing numerous energy projects to add 10GW to the national power system grid in the coming years in Dak Lak, Gia Lai, Tra Vinh, Ninh Thuan, and others