Trungnam Group promotes the search for and investment in sustainable and safe power projects, working alongside the government and significant economies throughout the world to achieve the objective of generating environmentally friendly energy..

Vietnam's largest renewable energy investor

According to data from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the total installed capacity of power sources in the country would reach 69,342 MW by the end of 2020. In particular, wind and solar power plants account for roughly 25% of installed capacity (more than 17,000 MW). Thousands of MW of wind power projects were also put into commercial operation after October 31, 2021, greatly expanding wind power capacity in the total capacity of the country's electricity sources.
When the private sector invests in the majority of projects, the participation of private businesses is an essential milestone in the development of renewable energy projects in Vietnam. In this regard, Trungnam Group (TNG) is the company with the most renewable energy projects in Vietnam.

TNG has 1,492,1 MW of renewable energy projects contributing to the national electricity grid as of October 31, 2021, with 7 projects invested in and operational throughout provinces and cities. Ea Nam wind power (400MW), Phuoc Huu wind power (46.2MW), Tra Vinh wind power (100MW), Thuan Bac wind power (151.9MW), Thuan Bac solar power (204MW), Thuan Nam solar power (450MW), and Tra Vinh solar power (140MW).

TNG contributes 1,610,1MW to the country's electricity capacity when combined with three hydroelectric plants: Dong Nai 2 (70MW), Krong No 2 (30MW), and Krong No 3 (18MW). TNG has three significant projects in Ninh Thuan, including the wind and solar power complex, the Trungnam Thuan Bac solar power plant, and the Phuoc Huu wind power project. .

Notably, despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 epidemic, Trungnam Group has committed to constructing three large wind power projects with a combined capacity of up to 546.2 MW in three separate locations by 2021: Dak Lak, Tra Vinh, and Ninh Thuan. All three projects were completed by the end of October, with the Ea Nam Wind Power Project (Dak Lak) becoming the largest onshore wind power plant project in Vietnam today, with a capacity of 400MW, and the Dong Hai 1 Tra Vinh project becoming the largest offshore wind power project in Vietnam, with a total of 100MW. Wind Power Plant No. 5 - Ninh Thuan contributes 46.2MW, raising the total capacity of Renewable Energy plants in Ninh Thuan to 852,1 MW. TNG is also an enterprise that contributes significantly to Ninh Thuan becoming the country's renewable energy center.

Focusing on sustainable and safe energy development

According to energy experts, Vietnam has a high potential for renewable energy. Thus, developing renewable energy is critical. Furthermore, given the numerous objections to coal power projects, Vietnam should enhance investment in thermal projects to have electricity running in the background as a foundation for developing renewable energy, such as liquefied natural gas - this type of energy is believed to be significantly more environmentally benign than coal power.

In addition, the Ministry of Industry and Trade predicted in draft power plan 8 to significantly raise the proportion of liquefied natural gas electricity in overall capacity of power sources. As a result, by 2025, the capacity of gas thermal power (including LNG) will be 14,117 MW, accounting for 13.4-13.7 percent of total capacity; by 2030, the capacity of gas-fired thermal power plants will increase dramatically, rising to 27,471-32,271 MW, accounting for 21.1-22.4% of total capacity. Gas thermal power capacity will continue to grow, accounting for 23.5-26.9% of total capacity by 2045.

This worldwide movement will contribute to the increased use of environmentally friendly power sources in the Vietnamese electricity system. Many plans exist to invest in liquefied natural gas, according to Mr. Tien: "During the development process, we are continually upgrading the latest technology in the globe to implement in projects." mine. With the economy's continuing growth and the mindset of a leading firm in the energy industry, we are mindful of our responsibility in assisting the government in meeting its carbon reduction target. That is also why TNG is now studying and constructing LNG projects in potential locations.

At the same time, Trungnam Group is actively working with partners to develop contemporary energy storage systems, methods to manage exploited energy resources to maximize value, and direction for future energy exports.

"The development of LNG power in the localities is a new step to demonstrate that TNG is very passionate about finding and investing in safe and sustainable energy
Ngoc Huong.