Trungnam Group light up the mountain to completed 500kV transformer station and 17 km of 500kV, 220kV transmission line

Over the past several days, thousands of engineers and workers work overnight to pull electricity lines across the mountain to complete the solar power plant project (Phuoc Minh commune, Thuan Nam district). 500kV transformer station and 17 km of 500kV, 220kV transmission line in a record time of more than 100 days to celebrate Ninh Thuan Provincial Party Congress for the 2020 – 2025 term.

Mr. Vu Dinh Tan, Director of Trung Nam-Thuan Nam Solar Power Co., Ltd said that the most difficult thing is to build  500kV dual circuit line connecting the 500kV Thuan Nam substation (TBA) to the 500kV Vinh Tan substation, from Phuoc Minh commune (Thuan Nam district, Ninh Thuan province) to Vinh Tan commune (Tuy Phong district, Binh Thuan province).
Many transmission towers of the 500kV transmission line were constructed on high mountains and rough terrain, which transport equipment is a difficulty. Initially, Trungnam Group intended to transport by helicopter, but it’s not feasible. The engineers proposed to open the way to the mountain. Equipment must be transported by human power and tractor.

During the past three months, Mr. Tan remained on the construction site and did not go home. His wife and children drove from Ho Chi Minh City to Ninh Thuan to visit him. It took hours of climbing to reach the construction site, so many engineers and workers decided to set up tents and stayed there. When night falls, they huddled together for warmth, that’s why the construction site of the 500 kV transmission line on the mountain always shines with electric light.
There are only sunny, windy on the site, we recorded hundreds of workers pulled ropes, hang themselves at the height of hundreds of meters. There’s shoulders are sweaty .Mr. Nguyen Tam Tien - General Director of Trungnam Group (the investor) said the 450MW solar power plant project, combining 220/500kV Trung Nam - Thuan Nam substation and 220kV, 500kV line connected to the national grid on May 15 with a total investment of VND 12,000 billion. Up to now, the important items such as 450 MW solar power plant, 500kV transformer station, 4-circuit 220kV line connecting to Thuan Nam 500kV substation relaying on 220kV Thap Cham - Vinh Tan 2 transmission lines have been completed 100 %.

The 500kV dual circuit line connecting the 500kV Thuan Nam substation to the 500kV Vinh Tan substation has been complete and in the stage of completing the experiment, which is expected to energize to the national grid by September 27.
"The project is urgently completing the procedures to be recognized for the commercial operation date" After the completion, Trungnam Group will hand over the transmission infrastructure, including the substation 500kV Thuan Nam and 220kV, 500kV lines for the National Power Transmission Corporation (Vietnam Electricity) to manage and operate at 0 VND. 
According to Mr. Luu Xuan Vinh, Ninh Thuan People's Committee Chairman, after being completed, the project will not only release 100% of the capacity of the power plants in Ninh Thuan but also have room for the next phase. Moreover, Trungnam Group substation has invested in construction with a capacity of 6,000 MW while the total capacity of power plants in Ninh Thuan province will only reach 1,200 MW by the end of 2020. 

“The release of the capacity of wind and solar power plants will create huge value for Ninh Thuan province. By the end of this year, the province will complete the task of collecting the central budget assigned. GPD growth will reach 11.2%, in which only this project is completed and put into operation. The  GDP of the province will grow 4.5%" Mr. Luu Xuan Vinh emphasized.
Mr. Vinh said that the completion and putting the 450 MW Trung Nam - Thuan Nam Solar Power Plant, 220 / 500KV transformer station, and the 220kV, 500kV line into use also contributes to the realization of Resolution 55 of the Politburo and Resolution 115 of the Government. This will make Ninh Thuan province become the national renewable energy center.