Trungnam Group is currently the largest renewable energy investor in Vietnam, with the most renewable energy projects. TNG has a total of 1,610.1MW of electricity contributing to the power source as of December 2021 and is the only Vietnamese private enterprise involved in the power transmission process, with its 500kV Substation and 500kV, 220kV transmission lines connected to the national electricity system (500kV Thuan Nam - Ninh Thuan substation).

In addition to energy, a strategic development segment, TNG has four other business categories: information technology, infrastructure, construction, and real estate. Trungnam Group is developing a Sustainable Development ecosystem to assist the government in reaching its goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. This initiative demonstrates TNG's interest in investment and development and creates new forms of clean, environmentally friendly energy.

TNG aspires to be an Enterprise with a "Sustainable Development" strategy that eliminates the following factors over the next five years: Profit - People - Planet Balance of human development factors through specific action programs focusing on education, physical and spiritual values; Harmony of business factors and environmental protection Profits for shareholders, investors, and employees. Build a sustainable and circular economic development model gradually, in line with the company's and its member companies' business strategies, and create a sustainable development ecosystem.



500kv Substation And Thuan Nam Solar Power Plant.

This is Vietnam's first power plant project that combines the national transmission system with a voltage of 500kV, and it was invested in and built by a private enterprise. This work was done with the Thuan Nam 450MW Solar Power Plant project. Since then, this 500kV transformer station and line have become an essential link in the province's power transmission system, serving as the transmission project for most renewable energy projects in Ninh Thuan province. The only private transmission projects in operation have been the 500 kV Thuan Nam substation and the 500 kV, 200kV transmission lines. The 500 kV Thuan Nam substation and the 500 kV Thuan Nam - Vinh Tan transmission line have effectively transmitted more than 2.5 billion kWh after one year of stable operation; this figure demonstrates the importance of the project in bringing the project's success. Ninh Thuan has been designated as a national energy center. The private sector is entirely responsible for constructing substations and transmission lines and assisting the government in its efforts to green energy sources while ensuring safety and security, ensuring national energy security.


Wind Power Plant Ea Nam Dak Lak.

Today's largest wind power plant in Vietnam, with a construction area of 6,000 hectares in three communes: Ea Nam, Ea Khal, and Dlie Yang in the Ea H'Leo district of Dak Lak province. The plant has a design capacity of 400MW and is comprised of 84 wind towers connected by 1.2km of 500kV transmission lines. The plant has a design capacity of 400MW, with 84 wind towers connecting a 500kV transmission line system of 1.2km. Most of the project's equipment is imported from European energy industry leaders such as Enercon and Siemens, with whom Trungnam Group has previously collaborated. This will be one of the wind power plants with the most outstanding output contribution to the national power source: 1.1 billion kWh/year, contributing to developing renewable energy sources and accompanying the government in the future by Carbon reduction target - Zero Carbon by 2050.


Dong Hai Wind Power Plant 1 Tra Vinh.

The Dong Hai 1 wind power project is worth nearly 5,000 billion VND and locate at sea V1-7, Dong Hai commune, Duyen Hai district, Tra Vinh province. With a total capacity of 100 MW and a scale of 25 wind towers, the project has a total capacity of 100 MW. Dong Hai 1 wind power plant will add approximately 330 million kWh of green energy per year, connecting to the national power grid and assisting in the diversification generation sources. This is also Trungnam Group's first offshore wind power project, demonstrating the company's ability to build in all terrains and climates. Effective disease prevention and economic development must coexist to meet the commitment of "dual goals" in 2021. The Dong Hai, Tra Vinh wind power project is the realization of Trungnam Group's sustainable development orientation, with renewable energy as the spearhead and the most specific commitment to the performance of the workforce and engineers for future large-scale offshore wind power projects.

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